Installation & activation

Here are complete step-by-step instructions on how to install and activate Terraform4D:

Unpack the ZIP to Cinema 4D Rxx/plugins.

The Terraform4D folder in its natural habitat

Start Cinema 4D. In the Extensions menu (or, in R20, the Plugins menu), you will see the Terraform4D menu. Use the option Activate Terraform4D... to bring up the Activation dialog.

The Terraform4D menu before activating

In the Activation dialog, you will see a ‘System Code’. This is a unique code that is computed from your computer hardware. It's used by Terraform4D to lock the plugin license to your machine, but does not contain any sensible data. It's anonymous.

Now you have several options:

Whatever way you chose, you will eventually have an activation key. Enter the key in the Activation dialog, click OK, and then restart Cinema 4D.

The Activation dialog

After restarting Cinema 4D, you will find the Terraform4D menu populated with all the components.

The Terraform4D menu after activating

In case you are not sure if the plugin has loaded correctly, take a look into the Cinema 4D Console window. Terraform4D should output some messages here.

Terraform4D console output on application startup